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Stem Cells

About Stem Cells

Stem cells are what is called undifferentiated cells; meaning they are still neutral and have not yet changed into the type of cell they can or will become. Doctors can use stem cells to help repair any damaged or diseased tissue you may have.
The type of stem cells we use are Mesenchymal Stem Cells often called MSC’s.
MSC’s are a type of Adult Stem cell. MSC’s are multipotent. Multipotent means they can differentiate (or change) into several different types of tissue. MSC’s are non-tumorigenic meaning they are not known to form tumors and do not cause an immune response when introduced into your body. That means your body will not reject the treatment.


There are many functions that these cells perform. Here are a few of them:

» Control inflammation
We all know that inflammation in our bodies is un-healthy. There are many health benefits of reducing or eliminating inflammation.

» Modulate the immune system.
Sometimes our body’s immune system is compromised allowing us to be susceptible to disease or illness. Other times it is too active causing many different types of problems usually referred to as auto-immune diseases. By modulating or helping your immune system to have the right response many different diseases can be treated using MSC’s.

» Help stimulate regeneration in your body
MSC’s have been shown to help stimulate the regeneration process of the patient’s own body. Sometimes to improve a problem where there has been damage or injury regenerating the damaged or injured tissue is the best option for improvement.

What can MESENCHYMAL STEM CELLS (MSC’s) help with:

MSC’s cells have the ability to help your body grow, repair and regenerate tissue. MSC therapy can offer relief to patients suffering from chronic pain, certain chronic conditions and also help with anti-aging and sexual health. Below are some of the condition we treat with MSC’s.
» Knee problems
» Shoulder problems
» Hip problems
» Other Orthopedic injuries and chronic conditions
» Wounds
» Cardiovascular disease
» Diabetes
» Erectile dysfunction
» Parkinson’s
» Alzheimer’s
» Multiple sclerosis
» Hair restoration
» Cosmetics and aesthetics

If you or a loved one is suffering from one of these problems, contact us today for a free consultation.


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